Sun, Apr 11, 12:48 PM -05

EP 15: Poopisode

By Earthworm’s Bottomless Cowboy Hat
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Earthworm’s Bottomless Cowboy Hat

EP 15: Poopisode

WHOOPS! Just realized tomorrow is Easter, so this episode is also a no-go for this week, and is being postponed to next Sunday.

After taking several weeks off, the group attempts to get back on track with a show suited to their strengths. Many fart and poop jokes ensue.

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Earthworm in Cowboy Hat

The OFFICIAL ColdmaN5 radio show/podcast, hosted by the only surviving members of legendary comedy/acorn band, ColdmaN5 — Earthworm in Cowboy Hat & CheeseCoat MacTafferson.

CheeseCoat McTafferson

Out of a boiled vat of molasses, a new hero emerged...

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