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You talk. We stream it to the world.
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"I've been wanting something like this to exist forever."

Here's how it works.

Capiche FM is live conversations, streamed online.

πŸ“²   Start a broadcast. Invite anyone you want to join in. Then go live. Capiche will let your followers know to tune in, and everything you say after gets broadcasted live.

πŸŽ™   Fans and friends can listen live online, and chat during your show. They can request to speak, so you can bring them on air and share their thoughts with the world, too.

πŸ“»   When you're done talking, end the broadcast, then you can add details and publish a recording online so others can listen later.

It’s a radio show + livestreamed audio + instant podcasts + realtime updates from your favorite broadcasters, all in one.

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