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#10: The Best Multi-Channel Selling Tool That No One's Ever Heard Of? A (Re-)Look at Classadlister

By The OFFICIAL Budget Reviews Radio Show!

A few days ago I reviewed Classadlister on this show, but wasn't happy with the rambling results. Here's a re-recording with updated notes and features missing from the original version.

Classadlister is an Android-only multi-channel listing and sales tool that lets you post to SIXTEEN third-party marketplaces (i.e. eBay, eCrater, Poshmark, Mercari, etc.) all with just a few taps of your phone screen, and without leaving the app. But is the steep learning curve worth it, and what type of seller would benefit from this the most? It's hard to say, but I try my best in this overly in-depth review.

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Aaron Tom

Hello. I'm just an average guy who likes to kill time by reviewing budget-minded products and apps, then talking about them on the radio to share with the world.

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