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— Hosted by Liam Gill & Michael Tant

About the show

If you are trying to understand what is going on in the world, this is a fun, relaxed environment to come chat, learn and experience new insights and perspectives.

Liam and Michael are Business Analysts working at Every day we send our insights and analysis of the top news stories to 100,000+ people. This weekly broadcast is an opportunity for us to reflect back on the past week's events and discuss them in an unrestricted environment directly with your readers.

*Nothing we or our listeners say should be taken as financial or legal advice.

Meet your hosts

Liam Gill

I am an entrepreneur who previously founded Fumarii Technologies. I had a great time working with a dedicated team as we raised numerous rounds of financing and were ranked among the top 20 Cloud Computing services providers in the world!

Since leaving, I've had a chance to give back by starting, a free site with legal templates and information to help founders save time and spend money on what really matters to their customers.

I've been working at Inside as a business analyst since Sep 2020. It has been a tremendous opportunity to work alongside some brilliant people as we grow this tremendous company by making others smarter every day.

Before my entrepreneurial exploits, I attained a Law Degree and Masters of Science in Business Management. I am currently working towards a Masters of Law in my spare time, maybe a Ph.D. in the future; who knows?

Michael Tant

Michael Tant is a business analyst at and is passionate about all things business, tech, crypto, and DeFi.

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