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— Hosted by Annie Rouse & Keith Butler

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Join hemp experts Annie Rouse & Keith Butler as they discuss and interview other industry veterans about the ins and outs of hemp and cannabis regarding uses, research, policy, products, history and beyond -- it's not just CBD and THC, but so much more!

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Annie Rouse

Leading hemp industry expert with 10+ years in research, policy, supply chain and manufacturing services across cannabinoid, fiber and grain sectors. Co-founder of OP Innovates, Overcome, Hemp Mellow, and Anavii Market. World's first US Fulbright Scholar on the subject of hemp. Cannabis prohibition specialist highlighted in the published podcast series, "Anslinger: the untold cannabis conspiracy." Helped facilitate research on the epigenetic changes of hemp seeds in microgravity. Active board member of Friends of Hemp, Hemp Industries Association, US Hemp Authority, and US Hemp Roundtable. Sustainability is a core driver in the creation of our supply chain and everything I do. BS/MBA/MA
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Keith Butler

With more than 40 years of cannabis and hemp activism Keith is fortunate to have lived the legalization of hemp and cannabis from the inside. Keith is the co-founder of multiple hemp business's and is the co-inventor of Natures Delivery System which utilizes the evolutionary path for cannabinoids. Keith also serves on the board of Pink House Charities bringing a higher degree of wellness to our veterans and co-chairs the Hemp Industry Committee for the National Cannibis Industry Association. Keith has been developing natural wellness solution for more than 25 years and is considered a thought and action leader in the industry. "Everything we need comes from nature, embrace the plant for she is our friend and companion"

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