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Credit With Kristin

— Hosted by Kristin Vargas

About the show

With so much bad advice and fake gurus out there, I created this to give you the real advice needed to fix your credit and move on with your life once and for all.

My live podcast is free .

Difference between the free live podcast and the AudioBytes live podcast:
- AudioBytes is an unfiltered audio course covering everything you need to know about credit - I'll even be taking parts from my coaching course and breaking it down for you
- The free live podcast will be a range of pitfalls, mistakes, how-to's and tutorials, rants, warnings and anything else I feel like sharing, BUT it is classified as a live podcast and not a course, which means it is not in-depth and will not cover any where near the detail the of the premium version

AudioBytes Credit Repair Course

If you'd like to access my premium new live podcast course, AudioBytes, simply click the "subscribe" button (for notifications) and you'll find an offer for just $19/month or $190/year.

AudioBytes will give you access to all "paid-subscriber-only broadcasts", the 1st of which will be broadcast March 8th, 2021. You'll also receive text message notifications for scheduled lives as well as impromptu.

AudioBytes (Some of the things you'll learn)

  • What factual disputes are, how to use them, how to create them
  • Why it's important to use factual disputes and how they differ from regular credit repair
  • How to optimize your letters for results
  • How to maximize your results by modifying your dispute letter process
  • Pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Mistakes and how to fix them
  • (important if you are a business) Mistakes most credit repair companies make with disputes and how to fix them
  • How to determine what type of process or method or reason or letter is best for your specific situation
  • and much, much more! **AudioBytes broadcasts will not show up with the free podcast feed. Each paid subscriber will be able to access free and paid broadcasts on their dashboard. If a free user attempts to access a paid broadcast, they will be asked to subscribe first.

In essence, AudioBytes is a totally unfiltered, everything you need to know and nothing you don't type of course that will change the way you look at fixing credit - regardless of whether you're working on your own file or someone else's.

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Also tune into my YouTube channel for free tutorials - so far there's almost 500 videos going back to 2016 with 25k subs!

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Kristin Vargas

I fix credit for consumers and teach DIY resources

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