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Married On Purpose Episode #0 | Surviving The "Busy Seasons" of Marriage

By Married On Purpose

I (Conrad) literally found this platform (capiche) about an hour ago. It looks like it may be something we can use to help couples in a fun and useful way. So we're going to test it out.

We'd love to have you join us for Episode #0 | Surviving The "Busy Seasons" of Marriage!

Let's talk about supporting your spouse through the "busy" seasons. We'll go live the day after Jennifer takes a HUGE state licensing exam for her career. So we'll be fresh out of one of those busy seasons ourselves.

I'll share the ONE thing that I think is key to surviving these busy seasons.
And ONE thing I think is key to thriving during these busy seasons.

Then we'll ask Jennifer how I did during our most recent busy season...

Did I survive or thrive?

And if YOU have a "busy season" experience you'd like to share, we'd love to invite you on to talk about it as well!

Married On Purpose Episode #0 | Surviving The "Busy Seasons" of Marriage

Hosted by

Conrad & Jennifer Deas

We are Conrad & Jennifer Deas.

Married since 2010.
With 3 small kids, early careers, and other responsibilities outside of marriage, we almost divorced in 2013.

And I didn't even know it at the time.

But through intentional personal work, teamwork, and the help of others...

We've gone from surviving and "going through" marriage...
To thriving and growing through marriage.

We're here to help other couples do the same.

Jennifer Deas

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