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Join Liam Gill ( and Mac Conwell (Rarebreed Ventures) as they get deep into the decisions you’ll face as a founder or business leader.

If you’re looking to start a company or help your organization grow then this podcast is for you. We cover everything from GTM strategies to breaking up with a cofounder.

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Liam Gill

I am an entrepreneur who previously founded Fumarii Technologies. I had a great time working with a dedicated team as we raised numerous rounds of financing and were ranked among the top 20 Cloud Computing services providers in the world!

Since leaving, I've had a chance to give back by starting, a free site with legal templates and information to help founders save time and spend money on what really matters to their customers.

I've been working at Inside as a business analyst since Sep 2020. It has been a tremendous opportunity to work alongside some brilliant people as we grow this tremendous company by making others smarter every day.

Before my entrepreneurial exploits, I attained a Law Degree and Masters of Science in Business Management. I am currently working towards a Masters of Law in my spare time, maybe a Ph.D. in the future; who knows?

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