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Episode 3: Jye

By Curiosity Conversations with Scott
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Curiosity Conversations with Scott

Episode 3: Jye

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I spoke to Jye about his experience of courage.

In this conversation we covered, among other things:

  • Forging a new relationship with alcohol in 2021
  • Stepping into a new identity
  • Changing my relationship with everybody in my life
  • Looking back with clarity on my past and making peace with my mistakes
  • Courage needed to look where you don't want to look
  • Why are we looking at courage in January anyway?
  • The courage to put yourself out there and be ambitious
  • And lots more...

Massive thank you to Jye. Connect with Jye on Instagram (@jyesmith) and Twitter (@jyesmith), and if you're working in strategy in adland, check out his excellent Strategy Action Cards.


Jye Smith

Hosted by

Scott Drummond

Professionally curious fatherhood & leadership coach | Pays attention.

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